The Thrive Athletica range of premium activewear has been designed to embrace women’s natural curves and to inspire them to feel confident in themselves, even before they step out of the house and into the gym.

Thrive was founded by exercise-loving Catherine a mother of two who has poured her heart and soul into launching the brand. Having moved to the UK in 2015 with her husband, Catherine left behind a burgeoning career in finance to pursue a better work/life balance.

Having had a decade of career prior to finance as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer specialising in health and fitness in women, Catherine’s love of fitness continued after the birth of her children. As she struggled to find high-quality, functional stylish active wear to suit her and her changing body, she went on a mission to create her own, and Thrive Athletica was born.

Built on her belief that there is an athlete in each and every one of us, which thrives when we nurture balance and harmony in our lives, Catherine has designed a range of activewear for women who want to pursue their love of fitness, and look and feel great while they’re doing it.

The Thrive Athletica core collection features high-performance leggings, sports bras and tops designed specifically to work with you and your body while you exercise. Crafted from premium, moisture-wicking technical fabric, this is clothing that exudes confidence, and, because it looks and feels amazing, there’s nothing to hold you back from becoming a better version of you.

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